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The Latest Update News is the most powerful of all the organs of expression of the news and views about men and the things. Latest Update News is regarded by economists as a necessity of modern life. With the growth of literacy and the development of the means of communication they are playing a very important part in society. There are many advantages of reading the news. Firstly the Latest News keeps us in touch with the current world affairs. Without them we cannot know the important news even of our own town or village. It extends the bounds of our knowledge and makes us feel that we are a part of a living world.
The leading Latest News is in touch with the different part of the world through certain press agencies. They supply them news from every part of the world. Secondly a great deal of information is supplied to us by the Latest News. Important decisions of law courts are published for the benefit of his own liking. Commercial news is published for the businessmen. Lovers of Radio and the Cinema can look up in them the daily programs of these entertainments. The advertisements help the people to buy things. The unemployed can look up the wanted columns for vacant job.
Thirdly Latest News ventilates the grievances of the public and form the public opinion. They keep the public and the government in close contact. The subject matters of the leading articles in the Latest News. The rules come to know of the desire of the people through news. The people get aware of the policies and schemes of the government through this agency.
Lastly Latest News has their educative value also. Readers of a good Latest News are more intelligent alert and better informed than scholars. Latest News helps us in disseminating good ideas. In news we find reviews on newly published books. We read accounts of discoveries and scientific research. There are useful articles on every topic. In short Latest News play vital role in our life.
Latest Update News provides news about a country’s economic situation, sports, games, entertainment, trade and commerce. People are made aware of the existing condition of politics, culture and economy by reading the news. Those who hunger for news will surely find satisfaction by reading the newspapers as it carries information of various topics.
Reading it daily will widen the scope of your knowledge which is an integral part of education and very useful especially for student. Updated News can provide interesting things and ideas which can assist students in their learning process at school. Not only are the news itself that are beneficial for students, but it also develop their language skills and increases their word vocabulary. Reading Latest News will improve your knowledge in general and it will be easy for you to relate to other people who often talks about current events and politics. Through Latest News, you will have a clear idea and understanding of what is happening in your country and the whole world. It also carries contents about policies and plans of government and corporations. For more information visit the site http://latestupdatenews.com/ .

At latestupdatenews, you can get latest update news of whole world. Reading Updated News will improve your knowledge in general and it will be easy for you to relate to other people who often talks about current events and politics. Through Updated News , you will have a clear idea and understanding of what is happening in your country and the whole world.

HMS New Zealand
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Image by Archives New Zealand
On 22 March 1909, Prime Minister Joseph Ward announced that New Zealand would pay for the construction of HMS New Zealand, a first-class battleship to be gifted to the British Royal Navy. As nzhistory.net.nz notes, to build the ship cost £1.7 million (equivalent to 5 million in 2013). During the war, the HMS New Zealand participated in all three of the major North Sea, contributed to the destruction of two cruisers, and was hit by enemy fire only once.

In 1913 the HMS New Zealand made a 10-week tour of New Zealand, "during which an estimated 500,000 New Zealanders inspected their gift to Mother England." However not everyone was happy with this very expensive symbol of New Zealand’s loyalty to the Empire. Local socialists argued against the "midsummer madness of militarism" because "you – the workers – have to pay for it all." Indeed, New Zealander’s finally finished paying for the ship in 1944 – twenty-one years after it was decommissioned and pulled apart for scrap metal.

Above is a painting by Walter Armiger Bowring showing the arrival of HMS New Zealand in 1913. It comes from the extensive collection of War Art at Archives New Zealand. This collection is composed of about 1,500 original artworks depicting those who served New Zealand in times of war, and the arenas in which they served. More information on the collection can be found here: warart.archives.govt.nz/whatiswarart

Archives Reference: AAAC 898 NCWA 537

More on the HMS New Zealand can be found at www.nzhistory.net.nz/page/hms-new-zealand-begins-tour-nz

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