How to Prolong the Life of Your Commercial Kitchen Cabinet

Knowing how to prolong the working life of a commercial kitchen refrigeration cabinet will go a long way to keep running and maintenance costs down as well as keeping your unit running efficiently.

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According to the Institute of Refrigeration, the correct way of prolonging life is to operate and maintain your kitchen fridge cabinet at its optimum efficiency. So what are the main areas to take care of in order to keep your commercial refrigeration unit in peak condition?


It is essential to place your unit in a suitable area to keep your running costs down. Without ample ventilation the unit will be working harder, resulting in bigger energy bills and an early burn-out of your refrigeration unit.

The area surrounding your unit must be well ventilated, as these units create a lot of heat. The temperature must remain consistent, and without adequate ventilation the unit’s condensing cycle will always be on.

Avoid stacking anything near the vents too, because these let the warm air escape to maintain the temperature inside the unit


The main consideration in loading your unit is ensuring that all the products are distributed evenly and according to the manufacturer’s advice. Air needs to be able to circulate around the refrigerator, and if you are overloading it, the unit will have to work harder. This will result in your replacing your unit earlier than expected. If one unit isn’t enough to follow these guidelines, then it is recommended to invest in another one from a company such as, who specialise in commercial fridge units.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The first part of your daily maintenance should be to check the door seals. These seal the cool air in and are easily damaged. They should be replaced if broken, but washed regularly with soap and water to remove dirt and bacteria. Always ensure that it is completely dry before closing.

Again, the outside of the unit needs to be regularly cleaned with warm, soapy water to keep its appearance looking as new. The inside shelves should be removed for cleaning and the walls of the unit given an overall wash-down with a soft cloth to prevent abrasion.

When carrying out any cleaning and maintenance duties, the refrigerator should always be switched off and disconnected from the mains.

5 more things to know before starting architecture school

Want to be prepared for the whirlwind to come? Here are five more tips for architects-to-be.

1. Stay true to yourself

While tutors are fountains of knowledge, remember they’re there to gently guide you, rather than dictate your journey through school. Make the most of your time at architecture school by asking questions and pushing those boundaries. You’ll probably find that you learn as much when you don’t follow the tutor’s advice as when you do.


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School is the perfect safe space to identify your niche and dive into it. If you’re fascinated by tensile fabric structure, for example, explore it!

2. Make the most of every minute

Architecture school is no walk in the park. The hours are long, the expectations high and the deadlines brutal. Within a few weeks of the start of term, you’ll probably have encountered a fair few late nights. Remember that you will create your best work when you’re well rested, even if you end up spending fewer hours in the studio.

3. Keep your finger on the pulse

While a lot of school is about learning the theory and history of architecture, it’s also important to stay up to date with developments in the field that are happening right now. As well as providing you with constant inspiration, journals such as Architectural Review will also inform your essays, whether you’re into fabric architecture, eco materials or more!

While some journals may seem pricey, there are often student deals to be had, and you might even find a few copies in your university library.

4. Grades aren’t everything

The world is full of breathtakingly beautiful designs created by architects who flunked school. If you’re putting in the work and your grades just aren’t budging, relax. As long as you’re building a portfolio you believe in, you’re getting something out of your time at school. Just throw yourself into every project and learn as much as possible during your time there. After all, clients often value passion over marks.

5. Look after yourself

Aside from getting a good night’s sleep, the second most important way to look after yourself during school is to eat well. Bin the fast food and microwave meals and cook up plenty of veggies, lean protein and complex carbs. Your body and brain will thank you!

Sports technology platforms are expected to grow rapidly in next decade

Over the next decade, sports technology platforms are going to become more integrated with a variety of different activities. Alongside offering informative videos, sports technology can gather and process a range of data, in order to improve the performance of individual athletes as well as entire teams.


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Sports technology can be used to ensure that an athlete is receiving the best quality coaching in order to reach their full potential. Coaching platforms can efficiently provide a variety of strategies and exercises from a netball drill video, to a fully detailed training plan. All of this can be accessed easily via a smartphone.

Endorsed by professionals

Professional athletes and teams, especially within football have been amongst the first to adopt sports technology. They have recognised the benefits available and have invested in order to continually improve their performances and gain a competitive advantage. This has been a significant factor in the growth of the market to date, as professional teams have both the funds and the desire to invest to improve overall results.

A useful tool for everyone

Importantly, such technology isn’t just reserved for professional athletes. It can be implemented at all levels to ensure that an individual’s maximum potential is realised. Whether you are coaching a team and need access to a variety of training plans such as those offered by, or you are a personal trainer working one-on-one or with children’s sports teams, sports technology can be a useful tool.


Many sports platforms are able to integrate with fitness technology. Technology can measure strain on individual joints and muscles as well as, for example, tracking the effectiveness of a racket swing. This means that meaningful data can be collated and analysed in order to identify areas for improvement and to measure personal fitness levels. This data will allow coaches to develop personalised strategies for each individual and easily monitor the results over a period of time, to measure its effectiveness.


By 2021, the value of the sports technology market is estimated to reach $864 million. This is driven by the adoption of smartphones in vast numbers, as well as the evolution of sports technology itself. As platforms mature, the technology will become more affordable, allowing more individuals to be able to access its benefits.

A guide to Getting the Necessary Gorilla Trekking Permits in Uganda for Your Safari Holiday

Seeing the majestic mountain gorillas in their natural habitat is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But with visitor numbers strictly limited to preserve the gorillas’ habitat, you must get the necessary permits for a gorilla trek in Uganda – here’s how.


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Choose Your Season

The place to see gorillas in Uganda is Bwindi National Park. How much your permit will cost depends on the season – a standard permit is US $600, whilst in the low season (April, May and November) permits are cheaper at US $450. It is vital you arrange your permits before you arrive in Uganda.

Contact the UWA

To arrange a permit directly, you will need to contact the Uganda Wildlife Authority. You must tell them of the dates you wish to track gorillas, allowing a day’s travel from Kampala to Bwindi. If those dates are unavailable, you can ask about availability and then provisionally book those dates – the UWA will hold them for seven days. You will then make your payment, but you must request that your bank pays any charges so you pay the full amount for your permit.

Although it’s tempting to do it yourself, with the huge distances involved and the remoteness of the terrain, the DIY option is rarely the most cost-effective.

Use a Local Tour Operator

You can use a local tour operator in Uganda to book a permit, in which case the process is very much the same, but the tour operator will speed up the process for you and ensure you have confirmation of your permit more quickly. If you intend to use the operator for your safari, then no additional charge will be made – if not, then you will be charged an administrative fee on top of the cost of the permit.

Bear in mind that local operators buy 80% of permits for up to two years’ worth of available trekking dates.

Use a UK Travel Operator

You might prefer to make all the arrangements for your gorilla trekking holiday with a UK-based agent. A reputable operator such as will have excellent local knowledge and experience in arranging gorilla treks.

Whichever way you choose to arrange your permits, seeing the mountain gorillas will be the experience of a lifetime.

Everything you need to know about shipping to France!

France doesn’t have any unreasonable laws restricting shipment of goods. However, there are certain stringent guidelines that every exporter or importer has to abide by. France doesn’t have free trade agreements with every country in the world. It also doesn’t allow all kinds of goods to enter its territory without diligent screening.

For online stores or companies dealing in nonhazardous goods, it is rather simple to send parcels to France. Many of the large international couriers will offer reliable easy to use services.

Here is a brief guide to help you understand more about shipping to France.

  • You can send goods without paying any import duties if you are sending the stuff from within the European Union. If you are based in one of the 28 member countries or have a presence in any one of them then you can use the free import provision within the European Union. For anyone or any company sending from beyond the EU, the import laws may apply. But most import laws pertain to bulk consignments and not personal dispatches or couriers. Most online stores would send parcels and not large consignments. Also, there are special arrangements wherein you can ship a large consignment, have it stored in Paris or using a warehouse somewhere in Europe wherefrom you can ship smaller parcels or individual orders as and when they come up.
  • There is stricter regulation for tobacco and alcohol products. You can bring in tobacco and alcohol products from with the EU but would be questioned if you send or carry more than 800 cigarettes, 400 cigarillos, 200 cigars, 1kg smoking tobacco and 10 litres of alcohol or spirits over 22%, 20 litres of alcoholic beverages less than 22%, 90 litres of wine or 60 litres of sparkling wine and 110 litres of beer. For countries that are not members of the European Union, the limits are much less. You need special clearances from customs to ship higher quantities.
  • Medication, goods worth a lot of money which would typically be in excess of a thousand euro and any kind of commercial item would also be put under stringent scrutiny. Dairy and meat are mostly prohibited for countries beyond the EU with a few exceptions.

Hazardous goods, be it chemicals have to be declared and packed correctly to be carried by specialist couriers and will cost extra as they need to be moved by specialist services.

I hope that this information on shipping to France is useful.

What are the main advantages of buying a car?

There are a lot of questions mixed up in the procedure of buying a car; however the first and simplest one is almost certainly the most significant: Should you buy a new or used car? To assist you pick the right one, below you will find the advantages of purchasing a new car. Bear in mind that even though there are more advantages listed, it is up to you what car to buy. But be sure to check all the main features of Nissan Murano and any other vehicle before buying it.

Advantages of buying a new car:

• Made to order. Chances are, you can arrange your new car just the way you want it, or in any case have the dealer look for one with the right mixture of options and inner and outer colors.
• It’s Not Used. Take into account that a new car hasn’t been in any accidents, hasn’t been ill-treated by unfamiliar evildoers, doesn’t smell bad, has seen no wear or tear and comes with a good history that contains just being driven off the line, onto a hauler and around the dealer’s lot.
• Warranty. Similar to the rest of it, the new car’s warranty is unaffected. You can pay money for warranties for used cars or go the licensed preowned way, but the most excellent warranty you can get – without paying extra money—will be the one that comes together with a new car from the manufacturer.
• Safety. As car safety laws become ever stricter, automakers are forced to modify some cars, and as a result, you can investigate Kijiji for Ford Mustang presented there. A number of forms of tire pressure supervising are now obligatory on all vehicles as well as stability control will be. Other technologies that are optional, such as blind-spot observing systems, side-curtain airbags, cruise control and brake help are becoming more widespread on less costly vehicles as their related costs come down.
• Higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Once more cars are mainly getting more fuel efficient, even getting more powerful at the same time. The latest crop of diesels is cleaner than ever before, and options in the hybrid sector are growing, as well if that’s your thing.
• Maintenance. Some new cars, mostly those from luxury models, contain free planned maintenance for a definite amount of time or mileage. This fixed cost saving should be regarded in the final price examination if applicable.
• Legwork. Just the once you’ve chosen a car, or the brand you’re interested in as a minimum, much of the new-car investigation can be devolved on the salesperson, who can discover the car you ask for. The same investigation in the used area requires a lot more research on your part: explore the Internet, visiting numerous private sellers, and driving from one used lot to another.

With all these advantages you can be sure to choose the car you really need and as a result, be satisfied with your choice.

How to save money through online hotel booking service

Whenever you are travelling, one of the most significant things to consider is how to save money. The answer to that question is very simple – with the help of online booking service.

Booking in advance – already means some money saving as you always have more chances to get a discount which can be up to 20%. Remember, direct sales will always cost you more than administrative ones.

NO travel agency – there is no need to go to the nearest travel agency, wait there in a line and finally get the booking for a certain fee which will be charged by the agent for his/her services. This procedure can easily be done at home or any other place with an access to Internet and will not take longer than 5 minutes. Yet it will give you a chance to compare prices, feedbacks, reviews, comments, ratings etc.

Stick to the budget – before booking the hotel, always consider the budget and what comforts, conveniences, facilities etc you would like to get for this amount of money. Due to online booking service you can check all this information and be 100% confident in your choice.

One of the hotels that is highly advised by lots of travelers is francis hotel charleston. The reason for that is very simple – it can be easily found on any hotel booking service and it is a great value for money. What else could one wish for?

When checking Francis Marion Hotel Charleston on any booking online service, you will see a big number of services they offer for their clients as well as different cuisines, modern interior in a European style and comfortable location.

Additionally to that, every traveler will have a chance to admire unforgettable places of interest which are only 10-15 minutes away from the hotel.

The biggest advantage about the hotel is its closeness to parks. It is basically surrounded by a few parks at the same time. This feature would be ideal for those, who travel with children.

All in all, as it was mentioned above, booking through online services gives a traveler a certain guarantee of the best prices, fast and comfortable payment methods, time saving, ability to check all hotel’s facilities, ratings and clients’ feedbacks. Therefore don’t waste you time and money in a travel agency if you can easily do it yourself sitting comfortably and nicely at home.